Falling into Now is the new music album by international singing star Constance Hauman, voted one of the Best Albums of 2015 by writers of The Guardian


Isotopia Records is a New York City label, founded by Constance Hauman. Isotopia joins as an imprint of the highly-acclaimed, independent label, Heresy Records founded by CEO Eric Fraad.

Isotopia will focus on popular music, dance music and fusions of classical and jazz. Mr. Fraad says of Isotopia, “Along with Constance we are signing some truly game-changing artists who have the potential to capture the imagination of a wide public and at the same time remain on the cutting edge of their genres.”

Isotopia Records was launched in the fall of 2015 with the release of FALLING INTO NOW, Constance Hauman’s departure from opera into the world of singer-songwriter, pianist and producer.

FALLING INTO NOW has continued to receive numerous rave reviews by international critics and media outlets alike, with streaming and sales numbers to support the critical acclaim.